Margaux, Women's Volleyball

Margaux Neal, Middle Blocker
Margaux Neal, Middle Blocker

Margaux Neal is a sophomore middle blocker from Zephyrhills, FL. She is one of the tallest athletes here at HCC, measuring at 6'3"and has an approach touch of 10 feet.

This season Margaux stepped it up in an important conference match versus rival SPC. She posted 6 kills and 6 blocks. She also hit .444  and contributed 6 points against Broward in the following match. Margaux has 85 kills and 59 blocks on the season, and she has played in 22 of 23 matches.

Margaux does have a soft spot for animals. Her favorite is a Sphynx hairless cat. 

Margaux most inspirational athlete is Serena Williams.